About FT

Hello. My name is Fernando Travieso.

Thanks for visiting my uxfolio, a fancy name to describe my online portfolio where I display a selection of projects I have led and produced as an interaction designer over the years alongside many other talented professionals.

I am a designer and researcher of human computer interaction and user experience with strong digital credentials across large scale desktop, tablet, and mobile projects. I have proven experience in curating ground ­breaking interactive solutions that meet business objectives and provide a refined user experience.

As a key member of the UX team, I use my experience and talents in collaborative, agile development environments to deliver great experiences across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Working on core platform projects I have been exposed to the full breadth of the business to deliver solutions on both niche and cutting ­edge IT infrastructures.

As an enthusiastic, driven UX practitioner I lead teams to get under the skin of the business to understand requirements and create experiences to the highest standards.

I have a deep passion for working in the technology industry and truly enjoy working with both designers and engineers in pursue of making tools that can enhance people's lives.

I am based in Montevideo (Uruguay) where I work as an Assistant Professor at Universidad ORT Uruguay, teaching advanced students of both design and engineering how to build mobile apps and imbue them with the principles and practices of user experience design. As a researcher, my main areas of interest are the power of computational design and persuasive technologies. This includes the design, research, and analysis of interactive computing products (computers, mobile phones, websites, wireless technologies, mobile applications, video games, autonomous cars, etc.) created with the capacity and the purpose of changing people’s attitudes or behaviors.

Should you feel curious about my profile, and you would like to know more, you can download a one-page Résumé in Adobe pdf format either in English (here), or Spanish (here) language.